Costs associated with beach properties

There are many advantages that come with buying a beach house. These include the excellent return on investments, the reliable income it provides as well as a free of charge vacation accommodation you get when you so desire. According to tourism Australia visitor statistics, 7.0 million were the number of visitor arrivals in Australia for the year ending in March 2015, which is an 8% increase in comparison to the year 2014. Such numbers are what inspire many people to buy a beach home and then rent out during the peak tourism seasons. Despite the attractive benefits accrued as a result of such an investment, there are costs that accompany such investments, and it’s important for any real estate sunshine coast investor to keep in mind as they make this investment.

Real Estate Sunshine Coast

Real estate costs

It’s undeniable that a beach-front location will definitely add up to the premium. This is especially in comparison to the houses that are located far off from the coastline. While the initial cost of the real estate sunshine coast property can be painful, the benefits that you will reap from such a big investment in the long run will overshadow the cost.

Borrowing costs

The mortgage interest rate for Noosa property sales or any sort of vacation property investment usually tends to be more than that for an owner-occupied property. Even more challenging are beach houses and this is attributed to their high prices. More than likely, therefore, you may need a jumbo loan, on the other hand a conforming loan, which in the end always tends to be costlier.


 There are the bills which cannot be ignored as well as operational costs. These extend beyond the mortgagee, utility and cable bills. There is tax, which will be high as a result of the value of your beach house and acquired land for sale sunshine coast has. If your beach house is an investment property, there are other costs such as marketing costs, along with costs of advertising and hiring people to showcase your property during tourism peak seasons. Visit rw noosa!

Property management

When something breaks in the house such as the heat ventilation and air-conditioning unit or the freezer, you will need to have it fixed. Other things such as ground-keeping, painting of the house, maintaining the roofs, gutters will also need money. Building inspection too is necessary, especially for homes around the beach which are prone to wear and tear as a result of sea floods. Also you will need a property manager on your payroll as sometimes it can be quite difficult to coordinate all these activities. Taking care of your property is also essential, especially when you consider reselling and would want the value of your property for sale sunshine coast based to go up.

A real estate sunshine coast investment is undoubtedly a big investment that yields great returns. However, before you plunge into a decision to buy a beachfront home, it’s necessary you understand all the costs that are likely to be incurred so that you go in fully prepared, and so they don’t come as a shock. Visit us online at