How to choose classy furniture items that suit your space

One of the evolving concepts when it comes to the interior decoration of a bedroom is that bedrooms are now considered as the new sitting rooms. The décor in a bedroom does matter a lot other than sleeping. The 10 ideas Holly Thomas shares on the bedroom article dated Sep 9, 2016 on The Times, tells some great ways to evolve a bedroom to suit it more like a sleeping and sitting space. To make it happen, the bedroom furniture packages have to be chosen carefully.

Importance of bedroom furniture

Your bedroom must carry your signature. The furniture you place in there must carry the style that you prefer. However, if you don’t have much to say, you can rely on one good decorator. You can consult an interior decorator and get great ideas for your bedroom so that guests are impressed when they visit you, and you also feel good about the look of your bedroom too.

The style and design, the fashion and image, a classy, modern, vintage or contemporary style bedroom embarks, is what the pride of the owner becomes. Now that would make you really picky, right? So here is how you choose your bedroom style.

The types of furniture according to the bedroom style

The modern-day bedroom furniture items do not come in single bed and bedside table styles. Rather they come as whole bedroom furniture packages. This means when you are selecting the bedroom décor, you will not pick up one dresser, and then one wardrobe, and then a bed side table, etc. You would get the whole set ready and portrayed under one theme which you may select as a whole. That is why the modern-day bedroom furniture are always a delight to choose. A standard bedroom set contains a bed, bedside tables, a dresser and stool, and a wardrobe.

The bed

Depending on the bedroom size, the bed may be king-sized or more and with drawer storage beneath the bed or without any storage. Now it depends on how much you want to utilize the space where you place the bed. If you want to smartly utilize the space, you would go for a storage bed that may open in a drawer style, or hydraulic flap style. Otherwise, you may get beds without storage and small-sized  beds. Again for kids a double storage bed can be opted in many styles.

Wardrobes and dressers

Wardrobes in a bedroom set generally have 2 doors, 3 doors, or 4 doors. If your bedroom walls are broad, then you may go for a 3 to 4-door wardrobe. Else a 2-door would meet the purpose. You may get bedside tables on either one or both sides of the bed. These are small storage spaces that are instantly available when you are lying on the bed. You should get them only if you have the ample space to accommodate them. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide

A dresser may also come in various styles. It could be a small, single or a broad dresser or one combined with the wardrobe, with a dressing stool that looks like a wardrobe drawer unless you draw it out. Now depending on your budget and the make of the set, etc. you can choose any of the bedroom furniture packages.