The switches that add elegance to the interior

The innovative electrical lamps, switches and other electrical gadgets have actually redefined the concept of lighting. Gone are the days of those traditional lightings managed by a series of mechanical switches. These switches are now replaced by the smart glass light switches. These modern switches do not have any mechanical parts. As against the mechanical switches, the modern switches can be operated just by touching them.

glass light switches

Glows in darkness:

The switch is provided with a decorative LED indicator which glows in darkness. Thus the LED indicator enables you to locate the switch even during night time. These switches are located below a tempered glass plate, and it is housed in a casing made of an ABS plastic module.  Unlike the traditional mechanical switches, glass light switches are known to last for several years.

Versatile switches:

The switches are embedded in a chrome box which perfectly fits into any standard wall box. Further, without any protruding switches being present, the glass switches enhance the aesthetic beauty of the interior of the building.  Now, programmable glass switches are also available with switch having 4 to 6 programmable keys. These switches are so versatile that backlight will switch on as soon as your hand goes near to the glass. When you press the glass, a programmable buzzer also makes a sound.

Programmable switches:

Other unique features of this type of glass light switches are that you can change the program to your requirement. You can use this light switch to regulate the air conditioner and the fans. Each key is provided with an LED indicator which indicates the various functions that are currently in operation. These switches can also be used as dimmers. Further glass switches are available in two formats namely white and black glass switch.


Switches on your smartphone:

The glass switches are now extensively made use of in your smartphone or mobile phones. Each of the icons that is displayed on the phone is a switch; in order to open the icon you will have to press the particular switch (icon). In an article published in the magazine pocket.lint, Mike Lowe points out that the glass light switch is embedded below the 2.5D glass. Just tap on the glass of the particular icon and with that you get access to the contents in the icon.

Multi function switches:

The switches are available in different formats like the one gang, two gang and three gang and so on. There are switches, which can control up to 3 light points. The backlight is available in different colors like the red, blue, green and white and so on. It is easy to clean the switch; it is enough if you wipe the switch with a soft cloth. The switches have a working room temperature ranging from 0 to 40 degrees centigrade. The switches are rugged built; in fact, these switches are designed to perform more than 100000 operations.

Reasonably priced:

The switches are available with appropriate warranty clause. Of course, glass switches are reasonably expensive as compared to the traditional mechanical switches. But, look at the price from the point of view of elegance and the versatility. With that you would agree these switches are not expensive.