Why hiring a professional painter is a better option than DIY

Many researches conducted in 2016 state that these days 48% people in Australia are preferring to hire professional painters as compared to 35% in the previous year. This is because everybody loves to live in a house that has the interior walls as well as exteriors painted to taste. A good painting will not only enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal but will as well enhance its resale value. People embark on painting home jobs for various reasons. It may be because they have noticed a crack, blister, peel or just want a fresh look. While some people may consider embarking on such projects themselves, however, if you fancy quality finishes, then professional painters in Hawthorn should be what you are considering. Here are other reasons why.

Painting is a skilled trade

This means it requires skills and appropriate tools in order to ensure the paintwork is done to taste. A professional painter has the right knowledge on how a surface to paint on should appear before they paint, and thus, will prepare the surface where necessary. They also know the best paints to use for which jobs. Also they will ensure completion of the work in minimal time. Additionally, professionals will have the right tools with them to ensure quality finish.

Painting can be dangerous or hazardous

Painting can prove to be a very hazardous. This is because the solvents and dust can affect someone’s health, especially when they are not trained on how to handle them. Older houses, for example, are mostly coated with poisonous lead paints. Besides some tools like ladders can be very high risk to the well-being of a person, especially when they fall. Professional painters in Hawthorn are trained and have the relevant experience on how to handle these dangerous situations and substances while minimizing on risk. Additionally, they have the right equipment to use so they can protect your family as well as themselves.

Painting requires cleanup and disposal

Painting works involve a lot of messy work and often at times homeowners may not know exactly how they are going to restore the look of their home back to normal. Its then that the services of a professional become indispensable. A professional will do their work and do the necessary cleanups as well as disposal professionally that anyone may not notice the state it was in during the paintwork. Besides having a professional do it will eliminate the need for such worries by the home owner.

Finding the right person for the job

 The obvious method is usually the word of mouth for you can never go wrong with referrals. Therefore, use family and friends as the work of a professional will speak for itself. Relevant trade associations too could provide recommendations. This is a great channel as trade associations will most often give recommendations on how to resolve problems when things go wrong. Also references and training are other helpful pointers to the right direction.

While the option of painting your home by yourself can be cost saving, to achieve the breath-taking  quality finish, you will need to hire painters in Hawthorn trained in the field and who possess the relevant experience.