Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods in Sydney

There are a variety of techniques used by professional cleaning services in order to carpet clean Sydney homes. These methods are generally based on the individual requirements of every home and the type of carpet in the home. Some of the considerations that determine the type of technique that a professional cleaner will deploy include the the cost of the cleaning, environmental conditions of the area where the carpet is being cleaned, the level of the carpet soiling and the fibre type of the carpet that is used in your home.

Some of the most common methods used by Sydney carpet cleaning professionals include the following:-

Steam Cleaning Services

This method of carpet cleaning is also called hot water extraction method. It is one of the most common methods that is deployed in the deep cleaning of the carpets. In this technique, water is heated to the boiling point and then pressure-injected onto the carpet. The hot pressured water will be very effective in loosening the dirt on the carpet. The carpet cleaning machine will also be very effective at drawing away the dirt and the moisture away from the carpet surface. If the carpet is heavily soiled, you may need to use some detergents. The steam cleaning option is particularly effective when you want to remove bad odors from the carpet while also killing the bacteria and the dust mites which might have accumulated over time. The only drawback with this cleaning option is that it takes time for the carpet to dry out.

Carpet Shampooing

This is the original method which has been used by professional carpet cleaning services for generations. In this method used to carpet clean Sydney homes, the professional cleaners apply a foamy chemical on the surface of the carpet and then scrub the carpet using a motorized circular brush. Professional carpet cleaners in Sydney generally use this method in case the carpet is heavily soiled and with a low pile. In this technique, there is no extraction involved and as a result, there is need for a thorough vacuuming of the carpet during the cleaning process in order to remove all the soil and the residue on the carpet surface. Steam cleaning techniques are generally more effective than the carpet shampooing and are recommended by most carpet cleaning professionals.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

The dry cleaning option used to carpet clean Sydney homes does not involve the use of any water. Only a small amount of an absorbent compound is sprinkled on the carpet surface. A mechanized brush is used in working through the carpet and dissolving the soil on the carpet. A commercial vacuum cleaner is subsequently used to draw in the soil and the residue. The carpet dries faster in this technique and it is well suited for the carpets with the damaged natural fibres.

Bonnet Cleaning

In Bonnet cleaning, a cleaning product that is sometimes mixed with carbonated water is used. This will spread a mist over the carpet surface. A rotating buffer that is circular that has an absorbent covering is also run over the soiled surface on the carpet. After the covering is soiled, it will be replaced with a clean one. This is generally used only as a temporary cleaning method. The best cleaning techniques are generally the most intensive ones such as steam cleaning and carpet shampooing.