What To Ask When Getting Roofing Quotes

Roof replacement and repair is a project that must be undertaken but a lot of homeowners neglect it. One reason is because this is an expensive project. Hence, homeowners tend to put it off for as long as until they absolutely have to. Unfortunately, the damage is so extensive at that point that you end up paying more for the repair and restoration job. It is therefore important to obtain quotes from a PMC roof contracting contractor so you have an idea on how much to spend for a project.
The process of gathering roofing estimate is the best time to get information you need to decide if a PMC roof contracting company is the right choice. After all, the cost is just one of many aspects to consider. Below are some questions you should ask when asking for a roof estimate:
Do you have insurance or license?
If your roofer is not licensed or insured, then you shouldn’t hire them. Working on a damaged roof entails a lot of safety risks. Hence, the roofer should be protected from injury or damage to your property. Without insurance, you could incur more cost than you initially intended to. Making sure that your roofer has insurance will protect you from any losses. In terms of cost of hiring the roofer, they often include the insurance fee as part of the package. You need to verify it with the roofer and not simply assume that the price you are quoted with includes the insurance.
Can you provide references for past clients?
A roofer that is confident about the quality of job they deliver is not afraid to provide you with a list of references. Do not assume that simply because they have glaring reviews on their website that they have quality service. Get at least two to three references to get an idea on how they perform their job. Aside from the quality of their roofing service, you need to take into account the customer service too.
What is the payment term for the job?
This is a practical question to consider before hiring a roofing contractor. Aside from knowing the payment form accepted by the contractor, you should know about when payment is to be expected. Are you required to pay downpayment? Or is the payment to be settled after the job is completed? Ideally, you should opt for a contractor that offers the second option because you want to ensure that the job is well done before you part with your money.
What variants can cause the estimate to change?
You need to be upfront with the contractor about this – you want to make sure that the quoted price is what you must pay after the completion of the job. If there are any issues that arise, it must be communicated with you. This will ensure that you will be able to stick to your project budget.
Is there a warranty?
The warranty will serve as guarantee that the repair and restoration job on the roof can sustain itself. A warranty will enable you to enjoy the service for free, in case there are any aspect of the job that need to be reinforced.
These questions are only designed to help you extract the information you need. You still have to decide if the information you obtained is fit for your needs before hiring a PMC roof contracting service.