Deck Sanding: How to Refinish Your Deck

If your outdoor deck has seen better days, it might be time to call in Deck Revive deck sanding services. You can save more money by refinishing your deck rather than replacing it altogether. Sanding the deck is a straightforward process but the end result can be significant as it can greatly improve your outdoor space.
If you want to refinish your deck with the help of Deck Revive deck sanding services, here are some steps that you need to follow:
Inspect Your Deck
This is the first step you should do before any restoration work is done on your wooden deck. During inspection, the deck refinishing company will check for signs of rotting wood. They will also be looking for any signs of structural problem. Even though your aim is to retain your deck and give it a vibrant new appearance, you should never overlook substantial damage (especially if there are visible signs of it). If there are split wood or rotten parts, then it is a huge indicator of damage. Loose boards are another tell-tale sign of a damaged deck. You might want to consider replacing your deck if these signs are existent. No amount of refinishing job can cover up for this kind of damage.
Strip Varnish
If, in case, the inspection came back clear and that there is no massive damage to your deck, you can proceed to the deck refinishing project. The deck restoration team will start by stripping the paint off of the deck floors. The idea is to restore the deck floors to look like before they were painted. A clean and smooth surface is what you want to achieve by the end of this step.
Another alternative to this step (if you plan on repainting the deck) is to sand it. This will make your job easier. Sanding helps to create an even and smooth surface to make it easier to add new layers of paint to the deck.
Power Washing
At this point, a power washer is required to ensure that the deck surface is completely clean. In the power washing process, there is a possibility that water will cause splinters on some parts of the wood. Another round of sanding is required after the power washing to get rid of those splinters and even up the surface again.
Staining the Deck
This is the last part when doing your deck refinishing. It starts with the handrails and eventually going downward until you get to the actual wooden boards. Professional deck restoration crew use a special type of brush for staining to create that vibrant finish and make your deck look brand new. It is a meticulous job but it will pay off once you see the results. It will also make your wooden deck last for several more years.
Deck sanding might appear to be a simple task but it is actually meticulous and time-consuming. Hence, tapping a professional like Deck Revive deck sanding services can simplify the process and achieve uniform finish. This simple investment can pay off big for your property in the long run.